By youth. For youth.

Who We Are

UTalkCon Team is a student group located at the University of Toronto. The Non-Profit Organization was established in 2018 when the directors were attending high school at Winnipeg, Manitoba. UTalkCon is its non-profiting project, again, established by youth for youth. Our team firmly believes that youth hold the power to forge a new reality for future generations and our world. 

This semester’s discussion theme is “Unpacking Covid-19 and the Connections Between humanitarian, science and our society”. We are currently recruiting team members. Please consider applying and checking out the available positions here:

 The deadline for applications is Oct.15th. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email the directors listed below.

social conflict student group

Meet Our Board

social conflict student group
President and Founder

Angela Liu

Angela Liu is a second year student studying at University of Toronto, pursuing Peace, Conflict and Justice and Neuroscience Double major, together with Political Science minor.

Director of Logistics

Nadia Gericke

Nadia is going into her second year at the University of Toronto, pursuing a specialist in Physics and a major in Socio-Cultural Anthropology. In addition to her role as Logistics Coordinator at UTalkCon, she is one of the social media coordinators for a student run non-profit organization called the Student Equity Project. She is passionate about music, soccer, nature and social issues. She has for many years explored and learned about issues which affect our society as an avid debater, and has participated in national and provincial debate tournaments. She is looking forward to continuing her passion for social justice and discourse with UTalkCon.

social conflict student group
social conflict student group
Director of Finance

Rongjin Liu

Rongjin/Rhonda Liu is currently a second year at the University of Toronto studying global health and anthropology. Rhonda wishes to use this platform as a way to encourage young people to come together to talk and learn about issues that they are passionate about. In addition, she loves spending her free time singing and dancing.

Co-Director of Communications

Peter Dang

Peter is pursuing a Computer Science degree at the University of Toronto. He is an international student from Vietnam, and having lived and experienced multiple cultures, he has gathered different perspectives of the world and its issues at hand. Aside from the academics, Peter likes to shoot hoops, go to the driving range, or admire the cinematography of a good movie.

social conflict student group
social conflict student group
Co-Director of Communications

Ghamr Saeed

Ghamr is an Electrical Engineering major at the University of Toronto. Along with his academic interests in physics, math, and programming, Ghamr likes to practice calligraphy and rock climbing. Ghamr is a Syrian refugee who has spoken publically about his struggles through the war. Ghamr is passionate about contributing to social justice.

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