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Youth of the Times Magazine was established in 2018 by the founder and director of UTalkCon. Prior to the reformation, Youth of the Times strived to provide students in Manitoba with an open platform to discuss their opinions and share their experiences with students located in and outside of rural Manitoba and Canada.

“One could say that the literary world is generally dominated by adults. I would think this to be true……There is a stigma that attaches itself to teenagers; that they are selfish, irresponsible and unconcerned with affairs outside their own. But in reality, being a teenager is like being stranded between two states of being. No longer children, yet not quite adults. Not innocent to the ways of the world, yet unable to truly partake in it either.

We see with eyes greater than our minds, and so we dare to dream. We feel with a depth greater than our heart should be able to contain, and so we dare to love, to hate. And we have voices that we want to use to share this. You may ask what the purpose of this magazine is, but it simply is that. In a world where the voices of teenagers are too often disregarded, because of lack of knowledge, or experience, we want to create a platform where they can be heard loud and clear.

No two pages will be the same, because no two voices will be the same. Each new article is a mystery, and that is what makes what we have to offer unique. Our hope is that reading this magazine will be like an insight into the mind of a teenager from the perspective of adults, and a way to make other teenagers feel that maybe they aren’t as alone as they might feel. At turns the articles will be light and fluffy, or serious commentary, or passionate expressions of emotion. We believe that this reflects how it feels to be old enough to understand the seriousness of our situations, but young enough to hope to change them, against all odds and logic. If you are asking yourself why you should read this magazine, we hope this explanation will tell you everything you need to know about why making time in your day to read these works from the young people in your community is worth it. Take a trip into the mind of a teenager. See what it is that we have to say.”

- Nadia Gericke, Director of Logistics

After issue revisions, Youth of the Times is a supplementary publication to UTalkCon, which serves the aims of UTalkCon in another platform and way of expression. Students who are interested in sharing their opinions but are unavailable to attend in-person activities and events can submit their articles to Youth of the Times Magazine editorial team. Students who have peer-reviewed pieces that wish to be commented by scholars in specific fields can also contact our editorial team. For more inquiries, please contact [email protected].

Our magazine works to act as a bridge to connect youth all over the world and bring them together. In 2020, technology is a great tool to allow connection on a global scale, information is being passed around like never before, creating an illusion of unity. 

We live in an era where we are more heterogeneous than ever, in terms of our beliefs, ideals, and experiences. I hope this magazine can act as a platform for a diverse range of people to listen and learn from each other, giving voices to those who may be drowned out, and casting a respectful and thought provoking light on the stories young people have to tell.

- Rongjin Liu, Director of Finance

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