Providing Youth with An Inclusive Platform to Discuss Social Issues

Our Work

We strive to provide youth and university students in Ontario with an inclusive, engaging and open platform to discuss world conflicts from multiple perspectives and fields of study.

By participating in Panel Discussions, Seminars and Collaborative Projects we wish to engage youth and students to contribute ideas and thoughts on serious, rising social conflicts from their own perspectives, expertise based on their experiences.

Every academic semester, we choose one topic of interest regarding social conflicts, and organize activities around this specific social conflict from many academic perspectives. For students who are interested in submitting articles related to this topic, our publication Youth of the Times Magazine works together with student unions and departments in the University of Toronto to provide students with opportunities to voice their opinions and share them with professionals in these fields prior to and after our panel discussions.

Through discussion about conflicts, peace and potential interventions, we hope not only to raise awareness for these rising social conflicts but also to interconnect our generation more freely and more closely with world issues. By providing a platform for youth whose voices are often unheard in contemporary society, we may encounter more unique approaches to resolving societal conflicts and produce peace and/or justice.

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Panel Discussion Series

Students attending the seminars and workshops have opportunities to explore and share multiple perspectives on one conflicting issue in the world.

During our panel discussions, youths are welcomed to voice their own opinions with other students who might have shared different experiences on certain issues and different fields of expertise.

Students who have published their articles in our magazine can also discuss their research interests with scholars from multiple different fields and have feedback from our guest speakers.

Stay tuned for our Fall 2020 session!

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Seminar and Workshops

Want to broaden your views on specific issues? Featuring scholars from multiple departments and their research projects related to social conflicts around the world, we strive to provide students with an unique and inclusive platform to discuss societal conflicts.

Supplementing students’ traditional in-class learning, we strive to sponsor many workshop and seminar series where scholars from many disciplines present and discuss current research and developing ideas with the hope to generate creative sparks while combining thoughts from multiple fields.

Our workshops are presented by notable and upcoming scholars in many disciplines from across Canada and around the world. Through these gatherings, students, faculty and practitioners can learn from and exchange ideas with some of the world’s outstanding scholars.

We can also direct you to many already existing seminars on campus — all aim at providing a broad spectrum of scholarly viewpoints and adopt a wide definition of what is relevant.

youth platform social issues

Collaborative Projects

Passionate about specific social conflict? Come to our activities to connect with PhD students and professors!

We can help you with potential opportunities to work with professors and other students who are also interested in this topic!

We also provide financial support for students who want to initiate their own projects or are unable to obtain societal conflicts related research experiences and opportunities due to monetary limitations. For more information, please refer to Financial Aid.

For specific inquiries, please send an email to [email protected].

youth platform social issues

Fundraising Events

UTalkConference and Annual Coffee House Social are annual events where we hold activities and silent auctions to raise funds to

1: Sponsor individual students to pursue their research interests without monetary/geological limitations.

2: Print physical copies of our magazine “Youth of the Times”

3: Support UTalkCon events throughout the academic year.

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