The theme we are featuring for the first semester of the academic year 2020-2021 revolves around covid-19 and its social responses, with a focus on youth groups. We have categorized our topics into two groups: Covid-19 and Youth, Covid-19 and Our World.

Covid-19 and Youth:

1) Being positive: Covid-19 as a catalyst of growth.

  • In a world which seems to be becoming only more fast-paced and competitive for young people, how are youth dealing with the feeling of falling behind, and how have they innovated to make the best of their situation?
  • What you learned; how you changed and grew because of covid-19 / quarantine?

2) The effects of social distancing on neurodivergent students and students who need accessibilities.

3) Covid-19 and Discrimination, with a focus on its impact on youth groups

  • How has Covid-19 disproportionately affected minorities/those who face systemic oppression (indigenous groups, black population) in North America?
  • How has discrimination due to covid-19 affect Asian, international students (research and personal experience).

Covid-19 and International Students:

  • How has the impact of Covid-19 affected international students specifically?
  • Even though we might all sit in the same classroom in high school or a lecture in university, we can quite often forget that international students lead very different lives from us. Having to choose between going home to be safe and be with family in harsh times, or risk it and continue to undertake education in extremely difficult times. This is just one of many extra consequences that aboard students have to face in the times of the pandemic, to the point that it can vastly change one’s personal life plans.

Covid-19 and Our World:

How does Covid-19 shine a light on efficient versus insufficient national healthcare systems’ responses in the face of a global emergency?

  • Variety, discrepancy and the different responses to covid-19 between countries (developing countries vs. developed countries, for example).
  • With an emphasis on the disparities in our world in terms of governmental systems and economic systems.

How has Covid-19 affected victims of domestic abuse and assault?

  • How can we ensure the safety of these people?

Covid-19 and the stock market.

  • For investors and traders, the pandemic was a disaster —- losing profits and non-liquidated assets.
  • For young people with years to spare, the pandemic was a chance since stock values dropped like flies, especially in a technology-age where investing only takes less than a minute. How does Covid-19 actually come as a golden opportunity for young people to take advantage of the trading market?

Protesting in a time of pandemic:

  • Protests have been going around, including election rallies in the US. Some of these protests are pertinent to Covid-19 while others are not. We understand that protesting during a window of opportunity is important, however — how should we approach protesting during a global pandemic.

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